BforKai – Join us in the fight against meningitis B

What is BforKai?

Kai Matthews was a talented 19-year-old athlete and a first-year kinesiology student at Acadia University. During his time at Acadia, Kai pursued an education centered on his interests and formed many new friendships. He was a modest and intelligent young man who made an impression on everyone that had the privilege of meeting him. On June 1, 2021, Kai passed away suddenly and tragically from meningitis B.

His family has established a non-profit organization called BforKai. Its purpose is to help educate people about meningitis B, increase vaccination rates, and provide financial assistance to students who want the vaccine, but can’t afford it.

What is meningitis B?

  • Meningitis B is the deadliest and most common strain of meningitis. Based on statistics, one in ten people who contract meningitis B will die;
  • University-aged students are at a higher risk, and Nova Scotia has the most academic institutions per capita anywhere in Canada;
  • The vaccine that protects against the B strain bacteria is not routinely administered in Nova Scotia, and the majority of those at risk have not been immunized against this potentially lethal disease;
  • A full two-dose vaccination costs approximately $300.

We need your help

Join us in our effort to protect first-year Acadia students against meningitis B. Together, we can ensure that all those who want the vaccine will have access to it, starting fall 2021.

To learn more, please visit BforKai.

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With love to the family and friends of Kai. Thank you for taking action so we can prevent another tragedy.

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