Black Lives Matter/Truth and Reconciliation Awards


I am a fundamental believer that education is the root of progress at individual, community, and societal levels. Ironically, you need to be able to afford a post-secondary education, so it is difficult to break the cycle without external intervention.

– Tracey McGillivray (‘87/’15), Acadia Board of Governors and Campaign for Acadia cabinet member


Acadia is proud to be a diverse, inclusive and multi-national community, but when it comes to systemic racism, we know we must face it, define it, understand it, and take decisive action to eliminate it. It is imperative to work harder to make our community a safe and healthy place to live, work, and learn. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational values of Acadia University – when our founders encountered systemic religious discrimination, they did not hesitate to act.

Today, Acadia finds itself at a similar crossroads and the time for action is now.

Call To Action

Today we are asking for your financial support to help end systemic racism at Acadia. In solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Acadia is committed to increasing bursary funding directed to African Canadian and Indigenous students through the BLM/TRC Awards

Both populations have been impacted by historic injustices still present in Canada today that are clearly recognizable by ethnicity. As education is the root of progress, these bursaries will accelerate progress and empower these communities by improving and encouraging access to post-secondary education.

BLM/TRC Awards

All funds collected through this initiative will go directly towards funding The BLM/TRC Awards, with Terms of Reference as follows:

The BLM/TRC Awards are granted on an annual and renewable basis to domestic students of African or Indigenous descent with financial need in any year of study. All renewed recipients will have demonstrated involvement in campus initiatives and will have helped to foster a welcoming environment for fellow members of the Acadia community.

Get Involved

  • Donate today and join the movement! Every gift will matter, regardless of size.
  • Spread the word! Help share our story on social media and encourage others to give using #AcadiaBLMTRC
  • Wear it proud! Acadia has partnered with Junior Moaku (’19) of Save Me Save We to create a T-Shirt to advocate for the cause and help spread our message of anti-racism. A portion of all purchases will be donated to the BLM/TRC Awards fund. Purchase your T-Shirt here or in-person from our proud partner, Cajun’s Clothing Store (located in the Acadia Student Union Building)

BLM/TRC t-shirt

Lorne Porter

Steve Healy ('08)

Save Me Save We


Jean Finney

Ann Gordon

Annapolis Cider

Proud to support the BLM/TRC Awards as our Charity of Choice for February’s “Something Different” cider offering.

Sherry MacIsaac

M Lee Dickie ('71)

Dr. Thomas Herman

Frederick Fisher ('50)

Janet Wile ('79)

Johanna te Bogt

Ann Gordon ('82)

Jordan Parker

Neale & Lori Murphy

Ashley Phillips ('05)

Rod and Lynda Morrison

Sherri Turner

When we know better, we can do better. Education can make all the difference in the world and experiencing diversity on our campus is the ultimate learning opportunity. So pleased to see an initiative like this at Acadia. Thank you!

Nancy Handrigan ('92)

We have to believe that every step we take in support of anti-racism matters. This is just one step.

Stephen Healy

I am proud to support this imperative initiative and help empower progress through improved access to education.