Family Campaign for Acadia


Transitioning to university and young adulthood can be exciting and also tough. Today’s students are seeking the same opportunities and experiencing the same types of challenges graduates did in their day. What if you could help? Even the smallest gift could make a difference to a student in need. Six in 10 post-secondary students struggle with academic workloads, and one in five experience some form of mental illness. With depression, anxiety, and substance misuse on the rise, having supports in place is more important than ever. What if you could help? Now you can. Join the Family Campaign for Acadia.


The Acadia Alumni Association is happy to announce an exciting opportunity for you to enhance success and wellness services for students. It’s an Acadia crowdfunding initiative called the Family Campaign for Acadia that will put the power of the crowd to work to help today’s students. The best news is, we will match your gift in real-time! With up to $50,000 available, there’s never been a better way to support Acadia students.


As part of our Campaign for Acadia, we’re planning to establish a Centre for Student Success. Envisioned as a campus support hub, the new Centre will be in a reimagined and revitalized Students’ Union Building and be an accessible, one-stop resource for the services, people, and programs that promote strength, resilience, and academic achievement.


We hope this Campaign will not just double support for the cause, but also increase our alumni giving participation.

We are asking the Acadia Family – alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends – to participate because more people making modest contributions adds up fast. Please make a gift to the Family Campaign for Acadia to support student success and wellness. Then, help spread the word by sharing the news of your gift with your friends online with the hashtags #AcadiaU is #BetterTogether. (Unless you ask for anonymity, your name will also be listed on our new virtual donor wall.)

There are many ways your dollars can help. Please consider making a gift.

The Centre for Student Success will extend Acadia’s stepped care model of mental health services to include general health promotion, illness prevention, and harms reduction activities aimed at the entire campus – all vital services for a contemporary university. It is another way to distinguish our great school.

Matched Donation

Ted Upshaw ('80)

Lana Wood (’82)

Sherri Turner

As the parent of an Acadia student, and as an employee, I see the value and importance of supporting student wellness. Thank you to the Acadia Alumni for matching gifts to this initiative!

Jamie Rogers and Barbara MacKinnon

Catherine Soucie

Ken Everett ('78)

Bosco Kwok (’78, ’79)

Mirko Wicha

Melanie Orr '81

Happy to donate to the well being of Acadia students.

Jennifer Meacher (85)

Jennifer Meacher (85)

Donalda MacBeath Class of 75

Thank you for the opportunity to support such an excellent initiative and in this case every $ raised does count! Just another example of what makes Acadia such a great university to study at. As Alumni we are members of an awesome Family.

Chris King

Peter Brown ('86)

Ralph & Georgie taylor

Kathryn Moase

Jenna & Shaun Kennedy

The best times of my life were had on this campus. Enjoy and give back!

Bill Osborne

Ian Murray ('90)

Michael Oland